Saturday, 30 April 2011

Kew Gardens

Today, as it was their last day in England, we went with my parents to Kew Gardens today, as I already mentioned here. It eas a magnificent day, it was also a lovely time spent with my family. I discovered relatively recently that I love gardens, especially British gardens, I love how harmonious they look, yet how nature in them seems barely tamed, as if it just sprung from the ground and spread around the buildings, old and new. And it is lovely to see, smell and feel green. I saw little of the gardens, but I enjoyed them tremendously. And took loads and loads of snapshots, some good, some very bad. I didn't know which one to put here. This is the Temple of Aeolus, which for some reason had a strong impression on me. I know Aeolus from The Odyssey and my readership can check on this blog how much I am obsessed with the epic poem and with greek mythology in general. So I decided to put one picture here for the time being, of the Temple of Aeolus surrounded by vegetation that seems wild.

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely picture, and there is nothing as lovely as an English garden. Kew Garden is my favourite London spot, and I thank the men, and women who had the foresight, and vision to preserve green spaces, and nature reserves. Our souls would be impoverished without them.