Wednesday 20 April 2011

Last day being 33

And there is not so much time left of it, less than an hour in fact. So what to think of my thirties that will carry on and of my thirty third year of life that ends in particular? Some random observations:

-As I said to a colleague who turned 30 recently, the thirties are in many ways the new twenties. Back when I turned 30, it felt like the beginning of the end, don't know why exactly. Maybe because I was the oldest person in our group of friends going out (in Liverpool). And the only one who had just turned 30!
-I got luckier and in a better professional situation at 33 than my previous years.
-Jesus alledgedly died at 33. I will luckily see another Easter at 34.
-I am not feeling old, in spite of the grey hair I see sometimes. I felt old when I turned 30 though (see above). I think age is a question of perspective more than anything else.
-This year ended up being quite eventful: got a new job, started acting again, did more travelling, travels got delayed or cancelled, etc. I didn't get bored.
-And there is still 45 minutes to it. But in a way, about twelve hours, as I was born around midday. Birth is also subject to perspective.


PJ said...

N'oublie pas que tu es né à l'heure (avancée je crois) de l'est. Bon fête d'avance, encore.

Anonymous said...

Bonne fête!

Cynthia said...

Happy Birthday!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Happy birthday + a day, Guillaume. Everything looks like this will be an even better year... You are much more practiced now!!! All the best!