Sunday 24 April 2011

No lamb this year

It is officially Easter since a few minutes ago. After my parents left for other parts of England, it means that we will have a quieter Easter. I have come to this conclusion, however it pains me: one of the Easter traditions of my adult life will not be practised this year. I will not eat lamb. For stupidly sentimental reasons, mainly: during our last trip in the Lake District, I thought they were too cute. See the picture on your left, where this little fella looks like he is praying. Now can I be that cruel? If only it was offered in a stew where you can separate the product from the animal, but no, if I really, seriously wanted lamb, I would need to go and buy some in the supermarket, knowing full well that it is the part of a baby animal just like this. Stupid, stupid, stupid sentimentality, especially since that creature was pretty much breeded to be meat.

Since I hate ham/gammon, lamb was my food of predilection for Easter. It had the right taste for the season too, not to mention the right association. This year, I will probably have an omelette or eggs, which is what I used to have as a child. Simple but appropriate.

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PJ said...

Tu as manqué le gigot d'agneau qu'on a fait pendant les Fêtes. Juste pour tourner le fer dans la plaie (ou mettre la lance dans le flanc...).