Thursday 28 April 2011

Musing on that wedding tomorrow

I am home early today. And tomorrow because of "Kate and William's wedding". It sounds like they are old friends when they announce it like this in the media. I mean, really? It's not like if I ever had a beer with that guy or went to his stag night! We share nothing but a name. Anyway, as I needed holidays and the Easter ones had been too short, this is most welcome. Monarchy has to be useful about something. Still, the republican I am finds all the excitement about this wedding a bit ridiculous. In the end, it is a procession of (mainly) old people dressed like clowns. Catholics have the Vatican, the UK and the Commonwealth have the Queen and her descendants. Anachronism made flesh. At least I will have the day off.

Still, it is absurd, all that fuss about two people getting married, all that money spent on someone who will probably be the head of a state... because he was born. I guess I will watch bits of it, I don't have much choice, we will be invaded by images, soundbites, what have you. Maybe, maybe I will even drink at their health and happiness with a Windsor Knot. Not because they are royalties, but because they deserve to be happy. I am genuinely curious about this beer and this new brewery in Windsor. I wish the brewery well. A little anecdote that stayed in my head all day: in the lovely village of l'Anse-St-Jean there was a crowning, which I actually attend to. A bit of a ridiculous thing that got people talking, but the local brewery brewed a delicious beer for the occasion, "la Royale de l'Anse". It ceased to exist, sadly. Something good came up from that monarchy too, however short lived. I do hope the brewery in Windsor survives time, we need more breweries. But I hope even more than one day I will see the end of the monarchy in this country and mine.


PJ said...

Juste à cause, mon bout préféré de Monty Python and the Holy Grail". Je sais, je l'ai mentionné sur le blogue du Prof Solitaire, mais c'est trop tordant pour ne pas le répéter.

En passant, la CBC va commencer sa programmation à 3 heures du matin pour couvrir ledit mariage. Et il va se trouver des épais pour regarder ça en direct.

Cynthia said...

Je crois que c'est le genre de truc que ma grand-mère va regarder mais qui ne m'intéresse pas du tout!

Anonymous said...

Apparently the Royal family are good for tourist industry :-) I wish them happiness and I am glad I wont live in the fishbowl that will be their life. But the hype, and frenzy is a mystery to me, and then not so much. With the state of the world being what it is, people need fairytales, and happy endings more than ever before.