Tuesday, 5 April 2011

No rest for the virtuous

As you read these lines, I am rehearsing for the last time until tomorrow's production of the play. But I wrote this post on Monday. I have been tired all weekend, partially due to my cold, partially due to a lot of work. I woke up on Monday feeling like I had been sleeping under a ton of bricks (yes I love this trope). But hey, suffering is part of acting, whether the pain is physical or mental (getting in character can be really painful and leave you angsty). I don't want to sound like a masochist, but the pain makes the end result worth it. It makes you appreciate it more anyway.


PJ said...

Je te souhaite merde.

Anonymous said...

Most things are bearable if we can some kind of meaning within our suffering. Seems that you still have the sliver lining in sight :-)