Friday, 22 April 2011

A great unknown line (number 20)

I thought I would put here another great unknown line. I have not done it for a while. This is another one from me, not because I find myself particularly witty (seriously, I don't!), but because they are easier to find.

So yesterday, my parents, my wife and I went out all afternoon in a nearby town, to celebrate my birthday and make the best of a very sunny day. I had my first Pimm's of the year in a pub. It was only half a pint 9and overpriced I think), but full of orange, lemon and lime slices. After I drink, I usually eat them, I like to bite into raw lemon and lime, especially on a hot day. My wife had a Pimm's too and I was about to have her lemon slices, but the waitress came to clear the glasses. I first asked her to leave the glass, but then I thought it was really being silly for slices of fruits, so I said:

"Oh that's okay, I will get my vitamin C somewhere else."

Kind of obscure, not really that original, but still funny.

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