Tuesday 16 March 2010

Cooking blogs

I am not a big follower of cooking blogs, as I think they are too often virtual catalogues with some nice photographs. That said, there are some that I really love and follow eagerly, as they manage to be quite inventive in this often very unimanginative format. Notice that I use the word "cooking blog" very liberally, as these blogs often are not exclusively about cooking. So here's the list:

-My French Cuisine. Maybe my favourite, and I say this very carefully as I don't want to take anything away from the others. But anyway, I particularly love this one because of the cultural aspect. Her post on Easter got me into the blog, I found it fascinating. I read this blog for the cultural aspect more than the food, as the posts reveal a way of living.
-October Farm. Not really a cooking blog, but as I said I use the term very liberally. There are plenty of posts where there are meals and their recipes, mainly comfort food, they are always seasonal and they always look delicious. I haven't cook one yet, but I have been printing many of them and I am planning to give them a try. I have started following this blog for other reasons, but I was amazed that kept reading the recipes.
-Baking Brownies for Mozart. From Mozart Girl, who is a professional baker (and boy does it show on the decadence of some of the desserts there!). Why I love this blog has nothing to do with Mozart (no seriously), but everything to do with my sweet tooth. I need to try some of those desserts, although I am always worried that I might miss the cakes.

I should also mention that Desideratum posts sometimes recipes which are quite mouth watering. Oh, and I published one recipe myself, here. So far it's the only one.


Mozart's Girl said...

Wow Guillaume...I'm so honoured that you mentioned my blog! Thanks so much for the lovely comments. If we ever meet, I promise I'll bring a Salted Caramel Cake for you two to try!
Have a great week xox Rachel

Estelle said...

Tres flatee moi z'aussi ! Merci :-)