Wednesday 24 March 2010

Musing on spring, again

Yes, I am blogging often about spring these days. I seem to be lacking inspiration for anything else. Anyway, I was wrong, today was lovely, warm and everything. So long for gloom and doom. Until tomorrow, that is, when it is supposed to get rainy.

Spring is not my favourite season, for various reasons. The temperature changes too much, for one. The same thing happens in autumn (my favourite season), but then nature takes a fiery beauty. It is never as beautiful as when it is dying. During springtime, it often looks just as bare as in winter, except without the snow, and well, it smells. Spring stinks. So does autumn sometimes, but spring more so. All the rotting, mouldy things that were frozen or buried in the snow get out again. I have to admit that here it is not as bad as in Québec, as not as much junk gets buried in this generally much milder temperature.

Spring has some nice things going for it: Easter and my birthday, mainly, and of course some memories related to the season and those two events, which I will spare you for now. But on the whole, I consider spring to be a long rehearsal before summer.

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