Friday 5 March 2010

Kreativ Blogger Award

Hey, Mozart's Girl was nice enough to give me an award recently, it took me a while to get down to it. So here are seven things I haven't told my readership about me:

1)From my long friendship with Italians, I learned nearly nothing of the language and barely any Italian recipes. One was a bruschette recipe which my family still uses to this day and another one of some salmon pasta. I might put them here one day with posterity.

2)As a very young child, I used to have a babysitter who was basically my Mary Poppins. She was funny, smart and taught me many things. I think she is the woman who gave me my wild imagination and got me fascinated with ghost stories and fairy tales.

3) The said babysitter used to feed me with tins of mushrooms. I loved mushroom back then (probably because she was the one feeding me with them), then I started hating them for some reason. I am rediscovering them slowly.

4)I can keep a grudge for ages. For example, there was a kid my brothers and I hated, a spoiled brat who was always up to no good, we were always fighting with him. Through bullying, he stole a toy horse from my yougest brother one day. We got it back, re-stealing it (de-stealing it?) whn the kid was away from his home. The toy was in the kid's back garden, among other stuff he had just tossed around in total indifference. I don't think he ever noticed the loss. Anyway, years (decades!)later, we sat at the same table at a common friend's wedding. He was chubby and balding, even though he was younger than me. I remembered the ancient feuds and I have to confess I felt a bit of schadenfreude seeing him balding like that. That is silly I know and he might be a decent guy now. Still, he was so unpleasant then.

5)I have a tendency to collect silly little things. Sometimes it is an inspired acquisition.

6)My all-time favourite Greek hero is Ulysses, because of that cartoon I used to watch as a kid (funny how much of this post is about childhood memories), which, along with Clash of the Titans, turned me into a Greek mythology buff. I haven't read James Joyce's novel yet, but I am planning to.

7)I got my four wisdom teeth removed all at once, back when I was 18. I looked like a hamster for a week and for a week I ate porridge, mashed bananas and Graham crackers dipped in milk or tea.

So that's it and I understand that a lot of this is about childhood memories. I kept some for other memes and awards.

Okay, and now to whom will I give this award? Here we go:

-My wife first, as she often blogs original stuff and I wished she would blog more often.
-My brother, for similar reasons.
-My youngest brother, for similar reasons.
-Gwen Buchanan as she has not blogged for a while and I miss her artsy posts.


Mozart's Girl said...

Good, Guillaume...really good, thanks..the toy horse thief story really made me laugh out loud. What a brat! Sometimes those childhood grudges are the ones that stick around, is it because we don't have much else to think about when we're so young, so feelings run deeper about such things? Still, THT really deserved his grudge I think! (And his hair loss!) and I think you reclaimed that toy for your little brother, no stealing involved from your end! have a great weekend xox Rachel

Guillaume said...

Well, thank you. It took me a while to write it, but I did in the end, I'M glad you enjoyed it.