Saturday 13 March 2010


I am warning you, this post is completely trivial, compared to the previous ones this month. I am now a regular customer of the local sweet shop. It is usually my fudge provider, but I do buy other things from time to time. This week, I bought some liquorice candies. I am not the biggest fan of liquorice, I used to have pipe shaped ones when I was a kid, but that never was my favourite dessert. Still, it is nice to get the old-fashioned flavours from time to time. Because there is something I find ancient about the taste of liquorice, I don't know why.


suzanne said...

Licorice is one of the few candies I cannot develop a liking for. The closest I can come to enjoying it is in the form of All-Sorts. I think that's what they're called. The square and round candies of licorice layered with different colours of candy. Mostly white, pink and yellow.

Guillaume said...

I know licorice is not for everybody's taste. I only enjoy it once in a while and I rarely crave for it.