Wednesday 17 March 2010

Lovely day for a Guinness

Yes, yes, I used that picture before, but who cares? It's Saint-Patrick's Day and it is indeed a lovely day for a Guinness. And it is also my favourite Guinness advert ever, the still ones at least. Happy Patty's Day to everyone.

Between the beginning of this post and now, I had time to drink two Guinness and had a bit of Irish stew (so long for Lent and fasting), courtesy of the landlady of the local Irish pub (almost empty, sadly, but I guess tonight is the big night). So I am writing this not quite sober. Anyway, it is time to celebrate, so will put here two Irish songs. I'll Tell Me Ma I first heard in Liverpool on Saint-Patrick's Day and I fell in love with it, I still don't know why. On the Bank of the Roses I only discovered recently, but it is the same thing, I just love it. Both songs are here interpreted by the Dubliners:


Mozart's Girl said...

Ha ha!! You always make me smile, Guillaume. Happy happy St Patrick's Day to you. I love the old Guinness ads too. That toucan was called Tooky...and my poor Mum was nicknamed that at school as her maiden name was very similar, so she doesn't like to be reminded of it quite so much...hope your head's ok in the morning!! Rachel xox

suzanne said...

Glad you're enjoying the day. The Irish pubs here in Halifax were so crowded, they had line-ups waiting along the sidewalk by 4pm. I managed to squeeze into one of them later in the evening.

I'm not a huge fan of Guinness as a drink, but I do love the ads :)