Wednesday 31 March 2010

A long, dark night

Yesterday, we got a complete blackout from 5:00PM(ish) to the early hours of the morning. I got the title for this post from the neighbour, who came to warn us to "be prepared for a long dark night". So that was a major blackout. Of course I have known major blackouts in my life, sometimes in spectacular circumstances (like this one or that one). But one never gets used to extended ones like the one we just had.

Of course, when it happens, it is an inconvenience that illustrates how much we are dependent on technology. That said, it was not totally devoid of charm. We were lucky enough to have plenty of candles and it proved quite useful: we could lit the room and it gave us just enough light to read a bit. Of course, the mix of shadows and candlelight made the flat very atmospheric. The blackout also made us (re)discover the neighbours and appreciate them. Strange that it is easier to start a conversation when you share the same problems. So the long, dark night was not all bad. That said, we sure could do without another one.

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Mozart's Girl said...

Hi Guillaume! I so agree with you about shared experiences knitting communities together....I remember reading about the powercut that blacked out NYC in the '90's and how, once everyone realised it wasn't some terror attack, they became creative & had FUN & helped each other! As long as you can keep warm, it can be fun to have enforced breaks from the noise & hum of modern technology (great as it is!) Glad you're working again now though! xo Rachel