Monday 22 March 2010

Beefing up the blogroll, at last

As I have been an avid follower of various blogs since I started blogging myself, I thought it was about time that I beefed up the blog roll to your right. I hope I did not forget any of them. I hope I did not forget anyone. I already mentioned a few of them recently, I will point out to some of the others. So you now have here:

-The Atheist Experience. I follow the blog and the show assiduously, I became one of their fans through Youtube. Pretty busy blogs as many people post on it.
-Ariane Sherine's blog, the one who started the Atheist Bus Campaign. She blogs only sporadically.
-L'Étrange cas du Baron Luisant. If you can read French and like old serials, this one is for you. It's a brilliant pastiche from an old friend of mine.
-Leigh Russell's blog. Leigh actually found this blog before I found hers. She also happens to be a published author of crime fiction novels, so I was very flattered that she comments here.
-Nuts and Reasons. Another atheist/humanist/secularist blog.
-Mozart's Girl's blog. There are never too many Mozart fans around.
-Orange and Black, mainly about Halloween.

I hope I am not forgetting anyone. Some random observations about the :

-The French content is distressingly low, only one of the new blogs is in French. Just like for my own blog (mea culpa), which is a shame as it is called Vraie Fiction. I think it is the result of me living in English for most of my life. English language has a power of attraction that I cannot avoid.
-Just like the way I blog, the way I follow blog is pretty anarchic: there are no central themes or topics to the group of blogs I follow, some are about atheism/humanism, others are about a very specific holiday or about various arts.
-I started blogging to and for my family and close friends, but it quickly extended. I sitll have a very modest readership (although I did receive some attention from time to time), yet I really feel part of the blogging world.


L'Étrange cas said...

Ha! "Brilliant pastiche"! Merci!

Maintenant, mes stats vont aller through the roof!

Or not.

Guillaume said...

Ne sois pas trop optimiste: mon lectorat est pathétiquement modeste, le nombre de mes suivants également et en plus, ils sont à peu près tous anglophones.