Sunday 28 March 2010

Old buildings

This is an outdoor picture of the pub we visited a month ago. I love old buildings, whether they are pubs like this one, churches, houses (like the Victorian house I was sharing in Liverpool), or simply new businesses in an ancient place. I thought about it yesterday when I was walking around, that this is something I really appreciate about Europe in general and England in particular: they have plenty of old places, old buildings, old architecture, wherever you are. In America, you don't have that feeling of walking with history just by looking at the architecture around you. A century old house is almost an antiquity and often out of price, or it is crumbling and about to be demolished. Architectural patrimony is a relatively new concept to the new world, while in the old one it is integrated in the psyche. This is the feeling I had when I walked around anyway.

I guess this wide eyed, naïve attitude I have towards European architecture betrays my status of outsider. And since I know nothing about architecture and its history, these observations are the ones of a complete amateur, most likely full of clichés and false perceptions. When I go back to Québec and spend time in Montreal and Quebec City, I will look around for old buildings (might be easier in Quebec City), see if I am more perceptiver to their presence.


S said...

Hi Guillaume! Thanks for visiting my blog :D

I love old buildings too, especially those ancient churches one finds all over Europe. South Africa really lacks in ancient buildings...but we do have a few. For example, how do you like the building of my school? (It's only 100 years old though...)

suzanne said...

It's buildings like this that make me want to live in England (or at least visit again). I share your affinity for these buildings, and likely for the same reasons.

The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

I whole heartedly agree! That is why I so long to travel to Europe. Because I have such a love and appreciation for 'old' things. Old art, old books, old furniture, old people, old buildings, old sacred name it! And it is my least favorite thing about America. That we have no desire to let things age, let alone respect, love and care for them as they do. Please keep sharing photos like these so I can live vicariously through you until I can get there! :o)