Thursday 25 January 2018

War Games

I took this picture at the York Castle Museum and have decided to use it to illustrate my post. This is the weaponry of a British soldier of World War 1 (I think it was the first one anyway, I might be wrong). Looking back at it, it struck me that some of these weapons have an uncanny resemblance with some of the toy guns I had or my friends had when I was a child. The revolver especially. We used to play war a lot back when I was a kid, with very life like plastic guns. war games, or cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians (or more like cowboys and desperadoes), spy games, and so on and so forth. But they always involved firearms, knifes and they all looked so real. I even remember some plastic grenades. I used to really enjoy these games, in spite or because of the violence in them. It was cathartic. So part of me remembered these games when I took this picture, because of the revolver, and not the horrors of war. Also, I can't help but think we don't make good toy guns as they used to, although I understand why they can't look like genuine anymore. Still, we used to play such fun games then.

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