Wednesday 3 January 2018

Snickers & Almonds

I bought this Snickers bar twp days ago at the airport. You can see it is just not your ordinary Snickers bar. It is bigger, for one, as it is a two pack. It is also a Snickers Almond Bar. I have been wanting totry them for ages and I have been unable to find any in England. I even bought two to make sure I would enjoy it again if I liked it.For me, Snickers is the quintessential comforting chocolate bar and, since it has nuts in it, it is sort of nutritional too, at least to some degree. I never feel completely guilty munching one. So what is the verdict for this variation? I really loved it! Not as much as the one with hazelnuts, which is my current favourite, but tastier than the normal one with peanuts (which I still like). Almonds, like hazelnuts, give the bar a certain air and taste of snobbery, in a good way.

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Nellie said...

Yum! Never have been much of a Snickers fan, though. Baby Ruth was my favorite. In recent years, I've greatly reduced my consumption of candy! Almonds are healthy, after all! I may have to try this one! Happy New Year!