Saturday 20 January 2018

The Secret Life of the Owl

What I love about going to the local bookshop, or indeed any bookshop, is to find a book that just makes sense for me to read, even though I had no idea of its existence. It is something akin to a reader's fate. So when I went a week ago I stumbled on The Secret Life of the Owl and decided to buy it right away. As my readers know I love owls. I find them beautiful and mysterious. But I know fairly little about them, so I decided this was a great opportunity to actually learn about them. So I have been reading this for the last week, among other books I read. I love it. It does get slightly gross when it talks of pellets, but this is an aspect I need to know about too. I hope to share my new knowledge of owls, whether it is their biology or their significance in mythology and literature, in future posts.

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