Sunday 28 January 2018

A pheasant for the roast

I got my wish, we finally went to the pub today for a Sunday roast. It was at The Frog in Skirmett, a quaint english pub in a quaint English village, but we had read some positive reviews online. So anyway we went there and on the daily special there was... a pheasant roast. Hunted in the woods nearby. I know this because they warned that it might contain a shot. I could not resist trying it. I was wise, as it was absolutely delicious. Not only the best roast I had, but the best pub meal I had in years. It is difficult to describe, but basically wild animals like this taste wild. They taste of woodlands. And it was actually slightly cheaper than a lot of other things on the menu. Oh and for the record, it did contain the shot.

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Rain said...

I love pub food, I've never had pheasant though. It looks delicious! No pubs around this area though, they are all mostly in Montreal.