Sunday 7 January 2018

A friendly troll

Back in November, I blogged about a troll I found in a shop in York. I mentioned then that I had seen this brand before, in fact that my family bought one when we went to Sweden, years ago (and I know you can also find them in Norway). You can see on the picture the troll in question, much friendlier than one would expect of a troll: this one is maybe no older than a child (a child troll anyway) and is hugging a... dog? Wolf? Fox? Anyway, I always loved Norse folklore and legends and love stories about trolls, whether they are nice or nasty. So it made sense to buy at least one to decorate our home. This one is very cute in an ugly way. I decided to take a picture during my last time at my parents' home and share it here. I never found a name for him. If you have any suggestions, you make them in the comments. Although a troll might not need a name at all?

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jennifer anderson said...

I prefer the more colorful ones like in the Troll movie with Justin Timberlake music lol. That one looks more like a Neanderthal! ha ha