Wednesday 31 January 2018

An inn in the country

I recently blogged (twice actually) about The Frog, the local pub of the little village of Skirmett. Well, it turns out that The Frog is an also an inn, as it has accomodation. Not big or luxurious one, but they seem comfortable, and the pub being right in the heart of English countryside. Back when I was a child, this would have been my dream destination. It would have fired up my imagination, as quaint little hotels often did back then. They still do. I often played with my brothers and friends about such places. Sometimes it was murder mystery, sometimes medieval fantasy or horror stories, but there was plenty of villains, secret passages, haunted roads and dangers in these imaginary inns of our make belief games. There are probably still a few stories to be told about such places. I really need to go back to that pub.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

places like that sure do fire up one's imagination!

Rain said...

Oooh secret passages and villainy! Love it! That is a nice photo!

Magic Love Crow said...

Love it!