Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Haunted Mansion Survival Kit

Well AT LAST, David's Tea has released its Halloween collection for 2017. It was about time. You may say that it's pretty pointless of me to say at last: there is none of their shops here so I cannot buy and enjoy their products. But I will plug their products anyway, as this is part of the countdown to Halloween traditions on Vraie Fiction. Quick word: the design of the Nordic tea mug with ghosts is absolutely cool! And it glows in the dark too! I want one. And what you can see here with the mug is the Haunted Mansion Survival Kit. Excellent idea and I had it myself: it always made perfect sense to me that you needed something to drink to remain alert and focused. Not to mention warm: old mansions tend to get cold, haunted mansions even more so, as temperatures drop dramatically when ghosts appear. So have tea in your arsenal against the forces of darkness, not alcohol as you must stay sober. Preferaly in a glow in the dark mug, because it's cool.