Sunday, 8 October 2017

Jack O'.. Skeleton?

I bought this Halloween decoration a few years ago in Sainsbury's (I think). And I really love it. When it comes to Halloween decorations, what we find in big supermarkets are often tacky or simply not scary enough. You find plenty of fluffy ghosts or cheeky vampires. But this is a bona fide spooky piece of prop. Granted, Jack O'Lantern was never ever described as a skeleton, but I find it kind of fitting that this Jack has for a body only its bones. It makes him very sinister. And there is an elegance to this Jack, what with his fancy hat and the black clothes. One of the best ones I found.


Tee said...

Jack o Skeleton is awesome! I love his pumpkin head!

Alexis Skrull said...

This reminds me of Jack Skelington from Nightmare before Christmas. He even wore a jack o' lantern costume in the beginning!