Thursday, 4 May 2017

Tea and Maternity

I just did an atrocious word play, but I could not resist. Mother's Day has long been gone here in the UK, but it is coming in North America. Of course, David's Tea has a special Mother's Day Collection. So far so good, you know how much I love tea in general and David's Tea's accessories. I would love to offer them to my mother or my wife. There are three problems with this: 1)I live far away from any David's Tea shop, 2)while my wife loves pink and golden stuff like on this picture, my mother does not and 3)neither my wife nor my mother love tea. In fact, they both dislike it. Although I think my wife would gladly take one of the mugs just because it looks beautiful. And pink. Now it means something else: the tea education of little Wolfie will have to be done by me, when the time comes.

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