Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Reading plans

Last weekend, I finished reading a novel. I will not tell you which one I read, it will be a surprise for a future post. A few weeks ago, I could not choose what to read, so I picked up the two books that were interesting me the most and asked Blonde Tickler who was visiting us with her parents which one I should choose. So she decided for me. When you cannot decide, surrendering to the ideas of a child is a way like any other to go forward with things. But it means that I will soon need to choose a new book to read. New books in fact, for the weeks and months ahead. Seasonal books, as I read seasonal. And, believe it or not, but I found my bookshelves somewhat deprived in summery books. I will however try to behave and read what I have yet to read here, before buying more. Right now, I am getting through some plays until I decide of some longer work. Then I don't know. I might ask Blonde Tickler again.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

"And a little child shall lead them . . . ."