Friday, 5 May 2017

The Mozart Effect

My wife bought me a few nice presents for my 40th birthday, but she did not forget to make it also about my new status as a father. So she also bought me this book about my favourite composer and his work: Mozart, Little Musical Wonder. According to the label on the card, it was "from Wolfie," but I strongly suspect she bought it especially for Wolfie, so he can experience the Mozart effect. Which is okay, it makes me share with my son the greatest music. It is a very educational baby book: on each page you press a button to listen to bits of his work and you see funky cute animals representing opposites: tall versus short, young versus old, up versus down, etc. Very cute. And, like I said on this blog post and later on Facebook: "Not that we believe in the Mozart effect, but why take a chance?" This deserves to be a new great unknown line, I think. Anyway, the only drawback is that one can only hear part of the music, so tonight I will share one piece with you, his Clarinet Quintet. For once, a piece not taken from his operas. I hope you enjoy. Wolfie sure did. Okay, so he liked the giraffe and the monkey, but that's a start.


Rachel Lucas said...

Never too early (or too late!) to discover the genius of Wolfgang!! Love this, and a belated Happy 40th!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

That's a wonderful gift! Start him early to appreciate good music!