Saturday, 20 May 2017

Missing pub in the park

This weekend, our little town/big village is having a special "pub in the park" event in its main park. There is gourmet food, real ales, other alcohol, music, apparently plenty of atmosphere and beer and did I say there was beer? Had they done it years before, my wife and I may have been tempted to attend, although the tickets for the event are not cheap. But not this year, for obvious reasons. I would have been tempted to go to discover new beers from microbreweries and enjoy those I already know, but yesterday I thought I would not miss all that much. On the journey back home, the train was jammed with people going and they were already drinking (gin mostly). So I suspect it is going to be a piss up, just like when there is the regatta. So not only we are not going, but we decided to avoid both the town center and the park for the weekend.

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