Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Professor Red

Remember Mr Orange and Officer Blue, the two fur ball thingies that I have as decorations? I blogged about them in 2008. Back then, I said I would try to find more of these. I had the intention to start a collection of these trivial things. Well, years later, I have re-started the collection with a third addition to the lot: Professor Red. My wife went to a job fair recently and got this little fella from the University of Reading. He has a nice red colour and I wanted to distinguish him from the others and give him a name that fitted his background. As he comes from the world of academia, I have christened him Professor Red. I thought about Crimson or Scarlet at first, but then decided it would sound too pretentious. It may be an academic fur ball, but in the end, it's only a fur ball. So Professor Red it is.

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Anonymous said...

academic fur ball, thats so funny,,,well named,