Sunday 31 January 2016

Chicoutimi by (winter) night

Chicoutimi is an Amerindian word
it means up to where the water is deep
this word refers to the Saguenay
a big a beautiful a splendid river
but Chicoutimi as a town is ugly
as every American town
and this ugliness is very interesting
but fortunately nature surrounds every town
in this country
and nature cannot be ugly

Larry Tremblay, The Dragonfly of Chicoutimi

I quoted and quoted again this part of my favorite play written by a Quebecker. I am quoting it again because it is a perfect introduction to this picture, which I took last night. I met a friend for a couple of drinks and catch up. We were on the main street, on the Rue Racine, when I took it. The Rue Racine is nowadays mostly empty, even on a Saturday night. It is not a beautiful street, far from it, but with the snow falling heavily it has a distinct charm. I am glad there is somewhere in the world where winter is still winter.

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