Friday 29 January 2016

New boots

One of the necessary and yet pleasant things I do when I get home is renew my clothing, usually my winter clothing, as there is often one essential piece of my seasonal attire that is runned down to no use by the time I travel home. Last September it was my summer coat, but this winter it was my boots, that were full of holes and borderline unusable. They were not keeping me warm, they were taking water, pebbles, what have you. So I bought new boots yesterday, the ones you see on the right hand-side picture. They are Pajar boots, model Miracle (nice promising name), high quality stuff, guaranteed to last ten years. I am glad: I need good boots that ladt that long. And since Pajar is a Québec based company, I thought about plugging it here.

1 comment:

jaz@octoberfarm said...

nice....i never heard of that company but i'll check them out! nice to see the new boots in the snow!