Monday, 4 January 2016

About this Monday

We are the first Monday of January, or to be more precise the first working Monday of January. Mondays are bad enough, but I always particularly dislike the first Monday of January, because January is one of the months I like least (maybe the worst month with November). But I survived it. In fact it was far better than I expected it would turn out. Read: I didn't kill myself at work. The workflow went smoothly and if I'm shattered now, I don't feel down and shattered. For my brother PJ, it is a special Monday: his first day at a new job. So I had a thought for him. I know how any first day at work is stressful. On the plus side, it's most stimulating starting the new year with a new job than looking for one.

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Nellie said...

I send along wishes for a good January for you, as well as good wishes for your brother in his new job!