Wednesday 6 January 2016

An old room revisited

There was a surprise for the Krav Maga class tonight: as there was problems with the usual training rooms we use, we trained in... the room where I used to do my acting class five years ago. Last time I had been there was in April 2011. I never thought I'd see this room again, at least not in these circumstances. I am a better actor than I am a fighter, but all the same, I enjoyed it tremendously tonight partially because it felt good being back on familiar ground... or on a familiar stage, so to speak. It is a lovely place, a bit small for sport or martial arts, but spacious enough when in the acting class. It is an old room with lots of old paintings (Victorian?), a nice wooden floor, large glass doors that open on a balcony. It is absolutely idyllic. Doing contact combat there made me feel like in a James Bond movie. But it made me miss acting too, sorely. So it was bittersweet, like any moment of nostalgia.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like it all turned out well and you had a good time! sounds fascinating as well,,,