Monday 25 January 2016


There is this shop on Saint-Denis, on the Plateau Mont-Royal, that sells gems and stones and New Age(ish) stuff. But it also sells trolls made by this American company. You can see their Facebook page here. The trolls are hand-made with natural fabrics (such as pine cones) and of various shapes and forms. Some are as small as say glass and can stand on a bookshelf or a mantelpiece, others are as tall as a child, such as the one you see on the left. As I love folklore in general and Norse folklore in particular, you can guess that I I always loved them. I have one back home in Chicoutimi, which I might show on the blog one day. This is one is at the entrance of the shop. I am blogging about them because I always stop at the shop and rediscover them when I stay in Montreal. These trolls are far kinder than the original Norse monsters, they are more like spirits of nature than malevolent creatures, so they belong to a home, as guardians or simply dwellers. I was thinking about buying two as presents to the Ticklers, but the girls might prefer something a bit cuter (although they love scary stuff). I could buy one for myself, but the bookshelves at home are already crammed. So I might just enjoy their display in the shop.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

how very cool!

Nellie said...

I love the troll! Glad you are having such a great time on your holiday!