Monday, 11 January 2016

A fox in the garden

I once blogged about garden wildlife. There are moments when one become fully conscious about what it entails in England. Can you see it on the picture? I know it's a bad one. I saw this fox yesterday night in the garden of our block. It was striking, a bit eerie, as the fox looked almost spectral in the dark. The fox looked at me with mild curiosity, I kept a distance, took a picture with flash, because I wanted to scare him away. There are cats in here and I didn't want him to harm them, although I read later that foxes rarely attack cats. I knew that I was most likely not in danger myself. The fox followed me from a distance, then left the garden for a nearby park. And that was the end of this encounter. I have seen foxes before, back when I was at uni and sometimes when I wait for the train, but I never saw one from so close, for so long and with him being conscious of my presence. I did not appreciate this meeting because of circumstances (more on this in the next few days), but it was still a fascinating encounter.


Anonymous said...

what a great photo! I am so surprised that there are so many fox in urban areas,, before we moved to town I never knew this,
They are hated by so many people, I have never had reason to hate them, I marvel at their beauty and they are pretty smart, really cute when babies too!

Gwen Buchanan said...

I love the pic of your fox! They come regularly to our place. but they mostly stay near the edge of the woods , prob. because we have dogs but I have seen them be so bold as to walk right down the driveway to the house. they run off quickly if they feel they are spotted tho.