Sunday, 1 November 2015

The post-Halloween blues

Well, it is this dreaded day again: the first of November, All Saints' Day. The day after Halloween. And a Sunday as well. Which means that I am stuck with the post-Halloween blues on a Sunday... when I usually have the Sunday blues anyway. It makes it all the more painful, my melancholy is full on. That said, yesterday's Halloween was idyllic. When I will get over the blues, I will remember it fondly, and all the month leading to it.


The Gill-Man said...

It's the eternal flip side to the Halloween experience...the day after! I'm always of a conflicted mind, as part of me is depressed that my favorite day of the year has passed, but I also feel a bit of afterglow from the enjoyment of the evening's festivities.

Guillaume said...

We had a beautiful eerie fog for the afterglow and the whole month leading to Halloween and the holiday itself were idyllic. Heck, since August I've had the perfect countdown to Halloween I've had in a long time. Still, I feel the blues, no doubt.