Thursday, 26 November 2015

A criminal conspiracy in a pub

The Metro is a rather "light" newspaper: tabloid, free, meant for commuters to read,there is not much in it. But sometimes, you get some gems of piece of news. In this case literally: the summary of a heist of the Hatton Garden jewellery and the trial of the robbers. So they stole among other things gold and jewelry, which always gives the crime something of a glamorous and almost nostalgic nature. Like I mentioned in this post back in September, about another jewellery heist, this one very local, jewellery heist belong to old crime stories. Then they hid parts of their loot in a graveyard, something that also could well belong to a movie (I am thinking of this classic of course). The gang is mostly composed of elderly men, pensioners even, that makes it a bit more surreal and finally, to top it all... They met in a pub to discuss the dividing of their theft. This gives the whole thing a very English feel. And, since the crime has now been solved and the perpetrators will most likely be punished, I can enjoy this bit of criminal news without feeling too guilty: it's cathartic. And like I said back in September, this could be the starting point of a great crime fiction story. I cannot help but think about it, anyway.

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