Saturday, 28 November 2015

Red Kite, the beer

I discovered this beer a few months ago, they started selling it at the local Marks & Spencer. It is a real ale from Vale Brewery. I bought it aprtially because red kites are very common in this part of England and I thought it thus fitted the setting to drink such a beer here, I mean it's an inspired name if everything else about it fails. They chose the name because the beer has the real ale has the same kind of colour as red kites. I don't judge a beer merely for its label or its name though: I love ruby ales and this one has chestnut flavour, which is a big winner for me (nutty flavoured ales are always nice). And it is a bitter, also something I love about a beer. And? And I was not disappointed: it really tastes as good as it looks. So the red Kite from Vale Brewery is my new poison of predilection.

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