Saturday, 14 November 2015

Rustic blanket

For those who can read French, I blogged about Paris in my previous post. I need to blog about something else tonight, to keep my sanity. In a way, it is sort of related, as I am going to blog about a security blanket. I bought this blanket at one of the castles or towers of York. It was produced by the English Heritage. I had been tempted to buy one of these blankets for a while, thinking it was a better souvenir than some plastic pseudo-medieval knight or something. So anyway I bought this one. I love its rustic look and slightly rough (yet very comfortable) feel, it reminds me of my old childhood blanket. I wonder if my new one will last as long (my childhood one was bought back in 1973, in a Canadian Tire of all places, and is still good as new). But in any case, it's lovely to wrap myself in it on a cold night.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

i love a good blanket and this one is fine!

Rustic Pumpkin said...

I have a fine collection of blankets and travel rugs. Is yours a Tweedmill? It looks very similar to one of mine.
I wish I could read French.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Beautiful! It looks like wool and I'm sure it is. I used to weave blankets, some with my own handspun and I can surely appreciate a beautiful wool blanket. Cared for, they last forever. Very good choice!