Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The leisure of railway travels

Picture taken at the National Railway Museum in York and be warned, I should upload far more pictures taken there in the upcoming weeks. It struck me recently that, while I take the train daily for my commute, I have not been traveling for pleasure for a long while now. Since my time in York, actually. Long train journeys, in the right environment, with comfort, space, not too many people and a pleasant view (which you usually end up getting, at least for part of the journey), can be just as exciting, sometimes even more so, than the destination (and yes, I know I said this before). Of course, I don't travel first class and even in first class no train has the comfort of the wagon you see in this picture, which was active in the days when trains truly were mansions, with compartments more akin to a living rooms than anything else. Traveling in something like this would be my dream holiday, never mind where I'd be heading. Nevertheless, even nowadays nothing can beat the leisure of railway travels, in the right circumstances.


Nellie said...

In the "Dark Ages," when I was a college student, I rode the train from my town back to college a few times. Loved it!

Incidentally, I'm almost finished with the "pumpkin emphasis" on my blog.:-) So sorry to present tempting food at your bedtime.:-)

Rustic Pumpkin said...

I love train travel, but not when the trains are overcrowded. I long for the days of travel by train in a bygone age!