Wednesday, 11 November 2015

About red pandas

I took this picture of a stuffed red panda at the Natural History Museum. I don't know for you but they seem to be everywhere these days. Bill Maher even mentioned them a few months ago in his new rules, saying they are living cute plush toys. I have seen live ones since my visit at the NHM and they truly are cute and adorable looking. That said, I associate the red panda to the series of espionage graphic novels Queen & Country by Greg Rucka. Because Volume 8 is called... Operation Red Panda. There is nothing cute about this story, in fact it is bloody and violent. In a way, the red panda's fiery red fur fits the story perfectly: there is plenty of blood and fire in the graphic novel. So anyway, each time I see a red panda, I think about the series of graphic novels. And you, what do you associate red pandas with? What do you think about them?

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