Tuesday 1 May 2012

May treats

Today is the first of May. And strangely enough, the weather seems to have acknowledged it: it suddenly turned much warmer and much sunnier. It is a nice change from the weather we had recently. And to celebrate the first of the month, the bosses in my work place decided to order a breakfast this morning. It was more of a brunch as we had it way past 10 o'clock. They ordered it from the sandwich shop where I get my Friday treats. It seems that I cannot escape it. I had sausages baguette sandwiches and eggs baguette sandwiches. I nearly choked at first, I think I am not used to such rich food in the middle of the week, especially not in the middle of the morning. But it was delicious. Simple, excessive, but delicious. it certainly energised me. Then later I won a bottle of Chardonnay. White wine is not my favourite, but I like Chardonnay more than the other white wines. So these were all welcome and unexpected treats.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, winning anything is great, and free food (if it's decent) is great! :-)