Friday, 25 May 2012

A piece of Irish wisdom

After work, I stopped on the way home to the local Irish pub. I do sometimes on Friday, it is a special treat I give myself. I usually don't drink much, socialise even less. The bar was unusually half empty this evening. And I noticed something written on the beam of the ceiling. Something I found very funny. It is not enough of an anonymous quote so I cannot really label it a great unknown line (and unfortunately, as my last great unknown line dates back to May the 10th). I am not even sure it is an Irish line originally (I know you can find it on t-shirts), but since I read it in an Irish pub, I consider it Irish enough:

"I am somewhat of a bullshitter myself, but occasionally I enjoy listening to an export, so please carry on."

I need to use it one day, even though it's the kind of line that gets you into trouble. But what a line.

1 comment:

tao.owl said...

Perfect quote, made me smile!
Hiking around Swiss Alps today and saw your name written in the snow! ! Should have taken a photo, cheers!