Monday 21 May 2012

Dracula's Castle

Strange, today May started to look and especially feel like May: from a cold and grey morning it turned into a warm and sunny day. I am glad, I love cool weather, but I need some seasonal changes to appreciate when autumn comes. But today was for me the day of a very different treat: I received Dracula's Castle in the mail. I had ordered it on Amazon less than a week ago. It is a second hand one in a relatively good state. I will take good care of it. I don't think there are so many original copies of it left, so in a way I bought an antique of childhood entertainment.

I blogged about the book, or more precisely what it inspired, in this post. I read it a number of times, playing both Dracula and Jonathan Harker (that was one of the book's originality). But it was mainly the primary material for the Dracula game, as my brothers and I called it. I will reread it with fondness. I will also come back to it on this blog (I already took a few pictures of the book's images). Of course, it will be among my reading list on the weeks before Halloween and also when I long for Halloween in the upcoming months.

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Anonymous said...

I love going back to read favourite childhood books. It is my favourite type of nostaglia. Enjoy yours:-)