Friday 4 May 2012

Friday treats

Okay, so after last week's disappointment, I had decided to change slightly my sandwich lunch. I had a baguette, with Coca Cola and cashew nuts. But I had chicken instead of smoked salmon. chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and real mayonnaise on top. Simple, but delicious. Then before I hit home, I stopped at the pub local Irish pub, where I had a pint of  Bateman's Spring Goddess. Delicious, even though it didn't feel much like spring today. And for supper, I had pasta (linguine pesto, I was too lazy to do anything else) and a glass of the Chardonnay I had won last Tuesday. I earned this one, after a hard, exhausting but fruitful month. So I had my treats today. Maybe not the ones I have been dreaming about (these days that would be a meal at L'Express, don't ask me why) but enjoyable ones nevertheless.

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