Tuesday 22 May 2012

Skyfall: the teaser trailer

Today I watched the teaser trailer of Skyfall. I am getting really excited by the upcoming movie. I blogged about it before. Here is the trailer, followed by my observations:

Some observations:

1)I love the interrogation scene with someone who I think is a psychologist. Especially the line: "Agent"... "Provocateur". It is witty and very Flemingesque, a word play which is not a stupid one liner. The whole scene shows a Bond very close to the novels.
2)I think we will see Bond in training, in a scene similar to the one in the beginning of the novel Moonraker. And not a dumb, sci-fi virtual reality training scene like in Die Another Day (the nadir of the series) but a proper training scene in a proper, low key training environment.
3)The Bond girl shaving Bond: it is a very nice touch, with sensuality and just enough danger inuendos.
4)The images are dark, much darker than most Bond movies, but they are not gloomy. It looks lush and darkly glamourous.
5)We only see glimpses of the villain. It is the biggest quasi-absence of this teaser. Is he this shadowy figure? Or this hooded man? I am glad we have (so far) a mysterious villain. We know he is Raoul Silva played by Javier Bardem, but so far he is nothing but a shadow to us.

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Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the trailer yet, but I am really excited to see the new Bond film!