Sunday 20 May 2012

A crime fiction festival in Québec

Well, I'll be damned. I just learnt that there is a new crime fiction festival going on, right now, in Québec of all places. I say going on, but it is ending today, so there is not much time for it. It is called Les printemps Meurtriers de Knowlton, translated "Knowlton 'sMurderous spring times", which is a great name. And Knowlton is in the Eastern Townships, one of our most beautiful regions! I was considering blogging about something else than crime fiction tonight, as my last post in English was about crime fiction. But I could not keep this piece of news silent. I often complain that we did not build a rich crime fiction literature in spite of our rich crime history. So it is good news that something is happening, that the genre is given some exposure. I know there are other such festivals in Québec, but one more is certainly not too many. So I hope the first edition was successful and that there will be more.

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