Monday 19 July 2010

A new kind of summer

Something I have noticed today: for the first time in years, I work during summertime. It is certainly the first time for ages. Last time was I think in 2006, but before this it was back in the nineties, when I was washing dishes in a restaurant. Between and after, I never really did work during summer, summer was holiday time. And even when I did work during summer, it was only part-time work. Now it is the real deal. Okay, so the schools here are open until July, so one could say I was working during summer this last year, but this is different: I am no longer subject, or privileged, to school holidays. I am not yet used to it. It might have some good sides: I might not get the feeling of dread I usually have in August anymore. I wonder what kind of September I will have though.

Of course, one's appreciation of working during summertime is relative to the kind of weather summer gives. If it is rainy and grey, nobody will mind. If it is hot and sunny, one will suffer more, even I who is not much of a summer person, except when there is an available swimming pool around (and I do mean available). So I should get through this different kind of summer, providing the weather is not too kind.

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