Wednesday 14 July 2010

The end of my teaching career?

This is what I think, at least for a good while. I discovered it recently, it did not strike me but it is a thought that kept creeping in me until it became clear, obvious in my head: I have had enough of it. Maybe it is because my current job is good enough, the best I had in a while, decent salary, decent work, very nice colleagues, instead of being overworked, underpaid , forced to deal with arrogant and cliquee colleagues. I can barely believe the stuff I put up with the same time a year ago. I blogged my disillusions regarding the teaching world often before, I don't want to repeat myself. Let just say that I got sick and tired of going nowhere with it. I got too bitter I guess, which is sad as I loved teaching. It was the surroundings I hated, the background. I cannot say that I am sad about it, which is very sad in itself, maybe even tragic.


suzanne said...

Sometimes I think you just need to walk away from something that frustrates you. Even temporarily.

I've spent several years in adult education and found burnout to be a huge problem. Stepping away for a couple of years and then returning was quite refreshing.

Enjoy the job you have now but don't completely close the door on something you love. :)

Guillaume said...

Yes, maybe I will see myself teaching again, but in which capacity I don't know. Hey I can still give private tuitions if I find the time! But teaching as a daily job, I don't think it will happen any time soon and it might never happen again.