Thursday 15 July 2010

Theatre by the Lake

I want to come back to our trip to the Lake District and Keswick. We went to Theatre by the Lake twice (my wife's brilliant idea). Lovely place, idyllic one even, literally surrounded by nature. A few steps away from the theatre we could see flocks of sheep in the field and within eyesight we could see the lake, with the ducks . The walk there and back (a slow walk back) were worth the price of admission. Whether there was clouds or clear skies, the sunsets were strikingly beautiful. The picture at the right does not give it justice.

We saw first Shining City by Conor McPherson, then Northanger Abbey, adapted from a Jane Austen novel. I never cared much about Jane Austen (my mother-in-law must think I am a blasphemer right now, maybe my own mothet too come to think of it), but I actually enjoyed that one. It was partially because it was gently mocking gothic fiction, a genre I enjoy. There is always a good deal of affection in good parody, and that was good one. I don't know how the original novel is, but I thought the adaptation was a smart adaptation. I enjoyed it mainly because I love the art of acting, no matter if the play is a great one or a minor one.

Shining City, I loved completely, so much so that I bought the text the very next day. My wife and talked about it all night afterwards and we still come back to it. It was that smart. Obviously it is a haunting story, literally as it is about a ghost, but this ghost, if it has a human appearance, is guilt. I will try to blog about it more deeply. Let me just say now that I loved it. Oh, and the production was a perfect example of small is more: the play was presented in a small studio, the audience was surrounding the stage, we were like unwilling voyeurs witnessing the drama.

Seeing those two plays reminded me how much I love acting and how much I miss the stage, how powerful it is as a medium. My interest for it has been rekindled recently, through reading of plays (well, one play so far) and through these two nights at the theatre. We should have more of them, even though it makes me envious of the people on stage. I know from experience that they have the best seats in the house.


S said...

Wow! Judging from your photo, it sure is a beautiful place! Now I understand from where all the Lake poets got their inspiration. Hmmm...maybe I should move there one day :)

tattytiara said...

I make my living acting. I literally can't imagine my life without it. I'm not saying I can't live without it, mind - just that something mighty fulfilling would need to take it's place.

The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

Lovely photo sir! And I thought the description of the small theater you spoke of sounded so quaint and charming. There is something special about viewing art of any type in a small, casual venue like that. Makes me want to go see a play in one right now! :o)

Guillaume said...

@Sreddy Yen-The photo does not give it justice at all. I want to move up there too, if only my wife and I could find the same kind of job we have here...
@Tattytiara-I didn't know you were an actress. Acting is one profession I sometimes wish I had taken. Maybe I lacked the vocation, but there is nothing like being on stage.
@wendy-I think it is often the best way to see a play: in a small room on a small stage. It depends which play of course, but it creates such a bond with the audience.