Friday 30 July 2010

Italy on my mind (again)

It happens from time to time, I get a longing for a specific place. Maybe it is because my brothers are away travelling and I envy them even though I was on holidays recently and will be again relatively soon. Anyway, from time to time I want to see Italy again and now is one of those times. Maybe it because I am reading The Talented Mr Ripley, which is mainly set there. And I have a confession to make: so far I prefer the movie to Patricia Highsmith's novel.

I haven't been for ten years and I feel like I saw too little of the country. And I want to improve my Italian. I know too little and want to become trilingual before I die. Of course, I would not be as useful to my wife in Italy as I am in French speaking countries, but the little I know could help us get by and I can learn more there than here.

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