Wednesday 21 July 2010

Musing of an evening walk

My wife and I went to an evening walk. It was just cool enough and light enough, it was one of those comfortable, soothing walks that makes us reflective. I blogged about the way walks can lead to reflections. First thought that came to my mind: we don't walk enough like this. When walking is an end in itself, it is always nicer, whether it is in an unknown environment (say a town we newly visit) or a familiar one. I also thought that we might not stay all that much longer where we are. There is no particular reason for it, only small little insignificant details (which for now I will not dwell on) that might all together make us move, not tomorrow, not next month, but eventually. Time has passed and we already stayed here much longer than expected. I felt that we had more behind us here than ahead of us.

Maybe I am wrong, but I still had that feeling anyway. It made me appreciate the familiarity of this town a bit more. For now, it is home, and I might miss it when the time comes to leave it.


Mozart's Girl said...

A reflective post, Guillaume, and a little sad too I felt? It seems as though your world is changing fast at the moment. Room for new hopes & dreams?! Hope all is well with you, the walk sounds lovely xx Rachel

Guillaume said...

Sad might not be the right word, "melancholic" is more like it. Maybe we will not move at all any time soon, but I have that melancholic feeling when I am about to leave a place.